April 15, 2023

How Much is Tatsuo Kake Worth? Discover the Net Worth of this Business Magnate Now!

Tatsuo Kake is a Japanese business magnate and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the business world. He is the founder and CEO of “Universal Entertainment,” a renowned company known for its slot machines and pachinko games.

Kake’s incredible entrepreneurial journey has attracted the attention of many, and a common question among people is, “How much is Tatsuo Kake worth?” In this article, we will dive deep into the net worth of this successful businessman and highlight various aspects of his life and accomplishments.

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Tatsuo Kake was born on March 21, 1945, in Japan, and grew up in Kobe City. He started as a Japanese entrepreneur and later expanded his business to other parts of the world, including America. Today Universal Entertainment is a multi-billion-dollar company that operates globally. Kake’s net worth is estimated to be $3.2 billion.

Early Life and Career

Tatsuo Kake’s entrepreneurial story began in his early life when he helped his father in their small candy-making business. He had a passion for creativity and innovation and later honed his skills in engineering and entrepreneurship during his studies at Osaka Electro-Communication University.

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After he completed his studies, Kake started working as an engineer in a casino. It was here that he developed an interest in the gaming industry and later founded Universal Entertainment in 1969. He started by supplying used slot machines, and gradually, through his vision, the company grew to become a leading manufacturer of gaming devices.

Universal Entertainment

Universal Entertainment is a diversified company that operates in various sectors, including gaming, health, and energy. It is the main producer of slot machines in Japan, and its Pachinko machines are also popular worldwide.

The company’s success can be attributed to Kake’s vision and dedication to innovation. One of his innovative products was a three-dimensional slot machine that was a significant breakthrough in the entertainment industry. Besides gaming, Universal Entertainment has invested in healthcare and renewable energy, and its stock has enjoyed a steady growth rate.

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Investments and Acquisitions

Tatsuo Kake has been involved in numerous investments and acquisitions, which have contributed to his wealth. In 2012, he invested in Universal Studios Japan to expand its theme park business. He also purchased the shares of Bank of Kyoto, making him the majority shareholder.

Kake is also known for his keen interest in horse racing. He owns a Japanese horse called “Epoca D’Oro,” which was sold for $3.8 million in 2019.

Awards and Recognition

Tatsuo Kake’s contributions to the business world have not gone unnoticed. He has received several awards in recognition of his innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2006, the Japanese government awarded him the Order of the Rising Sun.

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In 2010, he received the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in the Asia-Pacific region, and the following year, he was selected as one of the “Top 200 Leaders of Influence” by the Asia Society.


Q1) What was Tatsuo Kake’s first business venture?

A1) Tatsuo Kake’s first business venture was helping his father in their small candy-making business.

Q2) When did Tatsuo Kake found Universal Entertainment?

A2) Tatsuo Kake founded Universal Entertainment in 1969.

Q3) What are the key sectors Universal Entertainment operates in?

A3) Universal Entertainment operates in various sectors, including gaming, health, and energy.

Q4) What is Tatsuo Kake’s net worth?

A4) Tatsuo Kake’s net worth is estimated to be $3.2 billion.

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Q5) What awards has Tatsuo Kake received?

A5) Tatsuo Kake has received several awards, including the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese government and the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in the Asia-Pacific region.

Q6) What is Tatsuo Kake’s horse called?

A6) Tatsuo Kake’s horse is called “Epoca D’Oro.”

Q7) What is the name of the Japanese bank in which Tatsuo Kake is the majority shareholder?

A7) Tatsuo Kake is the majority shareholder of Bank of Kyoto.


Tatsuo Kake is a highly successful entrepreneur and business magnate who has left a significant impact on the gaming and entertainment industries. He is known for his innovative approaches and successful investments, leading to massive wealth accumulation. We hope this article provided you with a comprehensive understanding of Tatsuo Kake’s net worth and his contributions to the business world.

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