September 20, 2022

In an attempt to retain original content creators on Instagram, the platform recently announced a new feature that would enable Instagram users to tip original content creators.


Presently under internal testing, this new functionality would be called ‘Gifts’ and Instagram users would be able to send gifts to those Instagram originical content creators they wish to support.


This is possible at the moment only through the purchase of paid digital badges that provide a source of income for original content creators. The new Gifts feature will now provide Instagram content creators an opportunity to earn money through the Instagram Reels feature.

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Instagram understands the value of original content and the important role it plays in today’s digital landscape. With a constant flurry of content, Instagram aims to capitalize on the original content shared on its platform by rewarding those who created it.

Utmost Value 

Original content is king and those who create such content can now potentially make a living from doing so with the benefits of badges and gifts offered to them by Instagram users, that are fans of the content they have created.


Such benefits also pave the way for original content creators to consider making content a full time job, one that derives an income that can support their lifestyles and commitments.

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Of course creating original content on a regular basis is not easy and much effort has to be applied by creators in order to plan, script, write and film their offerings for the attention of their paying fan base.


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Instagram is all about expressing yourself using photos, images and short videos. Instagram users are always looking out for content that is engaging, addictive and satisfying and in this regard the potential for original content creators to make a significant income is ever increasing.

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Instagram is accessible using a smartphone, desktop computer or tablet device along with a stable internet connection. Instagram has also transformed iphone app development so the platform is much more tailored to meet the demands and needs of iphone users.


Original content creators on Instagram who have a large fan base can eventually become influencers. Digital marketers who promote brands, products and services are always on the lookout for digital influencers that can make meaningful connections with Instagram users.


Instagram offers businesses of all sizes the chance to enhance their revenue by advertising and promoting themselves on Instagram. For example, a small cafe can post on Instagram about its latest special offers and Instagram users who follow the Instagram page of the particular cafe will be updated and then are more likely to visit the cafe.

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