July 18, 2022

Now that PDF files have efficiently replaced paper documents, knowing how to edit PDF files is more crucial. We know PDFs are originally uneditable, but there’s a unique way to edit without ruining the content.


Most office paperwork and digital content pass through serial reviews and corrections before they’re fit for screens. To make notes and provide feedback on a PDF, you should learn how to annotate a PDF.


Not so popular, right? Perhaps, you’ve tried to use a PDF editor to make changes to a file before. Let’s show you how PDF annotation will upgrade how you attach comments and edit a PDF with more clarity.

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What is PDF Annotation?

PDF annotation includes inserting suggestions, comments, or edits on PDF documents using text, graphics, color, and objects. Let’s call it the digitized way of proofing documents before approving them for use.


PDF annotation tools are smart markup and drawing tools for reviewers to correct typos, add sticky notes, point out errors, and suggest edits to a document. Instead of making comments in a feedback email, reviewers can use this program to annotate PDFs during the review and approval process.


PDF annotation tools are dedicated software to help you provide feedback in context by pointing out errors right inside the file. Rather than moving back and forth in your emails, use PDF annotations to add comments to your eBooks, whitepapers, and business contracts.

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Why use PDF annotation tools?

There’s a lot you can do with PDF annotation tools but let’s focus on the basics. These markup tools are specialized PDF editing software that allows you to annotate PDF files without making them messy. Some peculiar uses of PDF annotation tools include:

Faster review and approval

Thanks to PDF annotation tools, goodbye to the days we print out documents, make edits, scan them, and send them back for corrections. For a review process that could take weeks, PDF annotation makes it faster for documents to be edited and ready for approval.

Digital proofing

PDF annotation tools simplify how design and creative teams work together on digital content. Now, reviewers can specify changes to affect images or digital copies without confusing the graphic or web designer. You can annotate a PDF without tampering with the quality of the document.

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Remote collaboration

PDF annotation tools help remote teams collaborate on a single file from anywhere in the world. Anyone on the team can make changes in the form of comments or sticky notes and also track how these changes are treated.

Real-time communication

It’d be a misuse of time and effort to send feedback on digital projects through emails. PDF annotation tools allow reviewers to communicate effectively during review and approval without misinterpretation. Reviewers can make notes, underline, highlight, and use shapes to describe what changes to make to the document.


Now that we know the benefits of using PDF annotation tools, let’s learn how to annotate a PDF on Windows 10 and Mac devices.

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How to annotate a PDF on Windows 10

You can use PDF annotation software on your Windows 10 device. Perhaps you’re an editor trying to make comments on a manuscript; get a PDF annotation tool on your device, and edit with ease.


To annotate a PDF on Windows 10, follow these steps:


  • Open the PDF in your editor.
  • Click “Comment.”
  • Click “Annotate” on the comment menu.
  • You’ll see different annotating commands like underlining, highlighting, strikethrough, adding sticky notes, adding shapes/text boxes, and more.
  • Use these features to annotate a PDF on your Windows 10 device.

How to annotate a PDF on Mac

To annotate a PDF on Mac, follow these steps:

  • Open the PDF editing tool.
  • Select the file you want to edit and click “Open.”
  • You’ll see different editing functions on the menu at the top of your screen.
  • Click “Annotate,” and it’ll reveal the annotation toolbar.
  • Now you can use functions like Highlight, Add Note, Add Signature, and master how to annotate a PDF on a macOS device.
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Best PDF annotation tools

Let’s explore 6 of the best PDF annotators that’ll provide answers to your annotation needs.


Xodo is a professional PDF annotation tool to help your business provide an organized system for handling documents. Xodo offers dedicated features to help you fill out PDF forms and add signatures to a PDF file. This PDF fool is highly intuitive and perfect for simplifying office workflows.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a top-tier PDF annotation software to help designers, freelancers, and marketing and creative teams to annotate PDFs from any device. This PDF tool is an ideal choice to help you make notes, add signatures, and edit text and images on PDF files for your business. You’ll also enjoy real-time communication, collecting reviews, and expressing feedback as you collaborate with clients and teams.

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Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe is popular software with an extensive suite of editing tools, including annotation. With Adobe PDF reader, you can make comments and notes and collaborate on PDF files from your Android, Windows, and macOS devices.

Small PDF

Smallpdf is another easy-to-use asset to let you underline, strikethrough, highlight text, and make comments on a PDF. You can also collaborate with others and make suggestions on office documents without modifying the PDF file. Access Smallpdf on your online browser to start annotating.

Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF is another marketing-focused tool to annotate PDFs with ease. You can attach comments in text or images, make real-time suggestions, add signatures and collaborate with others on a PDF. This PDF-highlighter app makes the review process shorter and increases efficiency.

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GetLiner will help you highlight and strikethrough text and add notes and signatures on a PDF file from your web browser. This PDF markup tool is so easy to use that it’s recommended for basic annotation tasks on your mobile or desktop device.


WondersharePDFelement makes PDF reviews more organized and efficient. This PDF viewer also provides teams with tools to make suggested edits on a PDF document while reviewing the documents. Designed for sales and marketing teams, the Wondershare PDF element renders its features in over 10 languages.


PDF annotation has made team collaboration in PDF reviews easier and less stressful. It’s possible to make suggestions and write on a PDF in an organized format without ruining the document.

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With PDF markup tools, you can help clients and teammates make comments and revisions on documents most quickly and transparently. Your business deserves automated processes and simplified workflows, so get software for annotating PDFs like Lumin PDF and experience the magic for yourself.

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