August 16, 2022

Modern digital technologies offer a lot of opportunities for conducting business remotely, as well as simplifying the work of offline companies. Electronic documents have made it possible to make transactions and contracts that previously required the personal presence of the parties. To secure an agreement and receive guarantees of its fulfillment, partners use electronic signatures. Due to this innovation, there is no need to go on frequent journeys and business trips, it is possible to stay in the office and sign documents with a few clicks of the mouse.

What an Online Signature Is

An electronic signature is an analog of the one made on paper by hand. Its distinctive feature is that users can draw it on a computer, tablet, or smartphone using specialized software. Later it is stored at the owner and can be used to sign any documents, contracts, and agreements.

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There are several options, which differ in means of authentication and security level. Such options include:

  • simple signature;
  • advanced AES;
  • qualified QES.


Each of them is used in different cases, depending on the importance of the document and the mutual trust between the signatories.


A digital signature should not be mistaken for an electronic signature. Although they sound similar, the difference is significant. The digital version is represented by a cryptographic key that is generated and written to a flash drive. Essentially, there is no graphical version. However, to make a digital key, you need to be personally present at a specialized authority that has the authority to deal with cryptographic encryption. This is time-consuming, expensive, and not always convenient.

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Where and How Online Signature is Used

Having their signatures in electronic form, users are empowered to sign various kinds of documents that they receive in pdf format. These digital documents include:

  • agreements for mortgages, leases, sales, and purchases;
  • deeds, contracts, and arrangements, including those with international partners;
  • invoices, letters, abstracts, NDAs.


This is just a small list of documents that users can sign from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world. It is important to note that the electronic signature has full legal force but at the same time, it does not necessarily have to coincide with the equivalent in the person’s passport. If desired, this can be done with the help of well-known platforms, such as Pandadoc.

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Create Your Email and Get a Lot of Benefits

Medium and small businesses have long appreciated the advantages of this way of signing contracts. Being thousands of kilometers away from each other, partners conclude contracts that gain full legal force. In addition, an electronic signature provides users with many other advantages:

  1. Saving time – no need to waste it on traveling, waiting, or an unexpected force majeure event.
  2. Security – reputable software companies take care of full data protection. In order to sign, one must get complete identification, which can only be accessed by the owner. Signatories don’t have to worry about forging or rewriting documents.
  3. Saving money – it refers to the cost of travel, paper printing, courier services, and postal services.
  4. No more archives – signed documents are usually stored in special rooms, stacks, and folders. Saving space and maintaining order has become more feasible.
  5. Speed and efficiency – modern business has to work at an accelerated pace due to growing competition. Electronic document management provides instant results.
  6. Always at hand – it is sufficient to have a tablet or smartphone at hand to open the necessary contract. Also, no paper can be lost.
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How to Choose a Service for Electronic Signature

Today there are many programs for creating online signatures. Meanwhile, not every software can be easily accessed and understood. Among the most popular options is PandaDoc, which meets modern requirements and complies with legislative regulations. This software offers a comprehensive approach to working with documents, as well as a convenient application with a clear and simple interface. In just one click, you can get your signature using cloud storage.


To get your electronic signature, all you have to do is draw it on the screen with a mouse or stylus by hand. Later, one click will be enough to drag and drop the sample into a document. Go to the official website at for more information about the platform’s services.

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