July 14, 2022

There are frequent occasions in business when it may be necessary to prepare a preliminary invoice to a customer, but full information about the goods and their value is not yet available. In this case, you can not prepare a classic commercial invoice, but to provide the client proforma invoice.

This is a popular type of document which is widely used on an international level. Using ready variants of Proforma invoice template, it is easy to prepare a document in accordance with all standards.

Peculiarities of using a sample proforma invoice

This document is often called a “preliminary” invoice. Its main features are the following ones:

  • The client will receive all the information regarding the goods and their value;
  • Proforma invoice does not oblige to make any settlements.
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Despite the fact that this document does not directly relate to the commercial and does not actually impose any requirements on the client, it is still better to use a preliminary prepared sample. As in other matters of documentation, mistakes made in this invoice can lead to not the most pleasant consequences. Therefore, it is better to pay enough attention to the issue of preparation.

Many people have a reasonable question, how to competently prepare such an invoice. This issue has its own “pitfall”: there is no single approved form (at least, if we talk about the international version). And here you can use either already prepared templates or a standard type of commercial invoice.

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As a rule, such documentation includes information relating to the seller and the buyer. For example, details for settlements are specified, as well as the legal names of the companies or physical persons who are parties to the transaction. Information about the currency of the transaction and the method of payment (cash or bank transfer, full payment or installments) may also be specified. The information about the goods will be entered in the volume to be determined by the seller.

How is it possible to use PandaDoc for working with documents

The proforma invoice, as well as any other documents, can easily be prepared in electronic form. This is a modern solution to the issue, because now most transactions are conducted in online mode, which allows the parties to free themselves from problems.

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Maintaining electronic document flow is now more convenient with the help of special programs and services. This approach has a big advantage: all issues can be almost completely automated, which eliminates the possibility of losing the necessary information. All you need to do is choose a program which can handle all the problems of the business. There are quite a number of interesting and useful programs that can help. For example, PandaDoc service will be a good choice, and you can test it free of charge. It is quite popular among users and there is a good reason for its popularity. Within fourteen days, anyone who wants can check in practice all the features of this software and make sure of its simplicity and convenience.

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Among the main options presented to users, there are the following ones:

  • built-in document editor;
  • a large library of templates, each of which can be further adjusted if necessary;
  • synchronization with cloud services;
  • the possibility of signing documents using a secure and modern method.

This program will not only allow customers to digitize documents, but also to simplify many processes in business. With this online program, it will not be difficult to establish effective interaction with clients and partners in business.

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