July 1, 2022

You would have never imagined that you would find a notice accusing you of bullying your fellow schoolmate and asking you to show up for the disciplinary hearing. It is shocking-right? Yes, the matter is serious. Now, what will be your action plan? All the answers to these questions and many more queries you have will be solved in this article.

You might be shocked at getting the notice and even more shocked if you have not done anything of such sort. You should check if the notice has come from a good source or is a prank. If it is from a valid source, then without wasting any time, you should contact an attorney for academic misconduct.

Why contact an attorney?

When it comes to your academic career, such an accusation can be quite damaging. Some matters might lead you to criminal cases too. A lawyer will help you lay the action plan and fight aggressively for you. They will ensure no stones are left unturned to make you win the case. They will help you prove your innocence by collecting dividends and documents along with witness testimonials that will imply that you have nothing to do with the accusations.

How will you choose the correct lawyer for yourself?

Talk to your parents, peers, or people over the internet who have faced the same issues. Ask them about the best academic lawyers. Once you get a few names, note them down and call them. While talking to them over the phone, if you feel that the communication is not very clear, move to the next lawyer. But if you feel communication skills are great from both ends, ask them about their experience. You can see about their experience over the internet too. Look at their credentials and the years they have been practicing. Further, look at the number of cases that have succeeded.

The next step is to ask them about their fees. Each lawyer has a different fee structure; some even take the payment only if they win the case. Make all the monetary things clear. Also, determine how much they will be available for you. The time might come when you will feel the need to talk to them. Ask them if you can call them or if they are too busy, ask them to share the associate’s number who will be handling your case.

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